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Quality Assurance

Our product tests “same as fresh inner leaf of Aloe Vera” by HPLC and other labs tests.

Each batch of NATURMANAN® is tested using HPLC and confirmed for full spectrum Complex Carbohydrates & Real Acemannan content that is, virtually, bio-identical to the fresh Aloe Vera.

No other Aloe extract matches the full spectrum of Complex Carbohydrate & real Acemannan found in fresh Aloe Vera better than NATURMANAN®.

Even better, our product tests in clinical Human studies and Animal studies to enhance/balance immune function, aid in digestion, and help maintain already healthy cholesterol levels.

No other extracts match the full spectrum of complex carbohydrate
& Real Acemannan found in fresh inner leaf of Aloe Vera better than

We perform microbiological testing on each batch to assure the product is free of any contamination.

NATURMANAN® has a 5 year shelf life.