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Our Unique Process

The NATURMANAN® process uses no heat (no cooking), thus preserving the full spectrum of Complex Carbohydrate which includes the true Acemannan.

USAN’s define Acemannan as: Acemannan is a highly acetylated, polydispersed, linear mannan obtained from the mucilage of Aloe barbadensis, Miller (aloe vera). Molecular weight is 1-2 million daltons. Acemannan has shown to be the most important active components in Aloe Vera.

NATURMANAN® extracts are supported by years of publications and research in clinical studies that give it the right to label it in the US with DSHEA claims:

DSHEA Claims
  • “Immune stimulating formula”

  • “Supports immune system function”

  • “Helps support gastrointestinal function”

  • “Supports digestive function”

  • “Aids in digestion”

  • “Helps maintain a healthy cholesterol level”

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intented to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Improper Process Destroys the Majority of Real Acemannan Molecules

The most common elaboration process in the industry used by other manufacturers includes heat for pasteurization and to remove some of the enzymes in Aloe Vera product production. Heat destroys the majority of real Acemannan which is responsible for immune system enhancement and balancing.

  • NATURMANAN® is not exposed to heat, maximum temperature reached during process is 79° F (26° C). 

  • NATURMANAN® is pure and contain no additives or preservatives.

We Manually Harvest Mature Leaves

To manufacture NATURMANAN® we manually harvest mature leaves, guaranteeing a product with the highest content of active ingredient.

Aloe Vera Has Been Known and Utilized for Many Years Due to its Medicinal Properties
  • Acemannan (β1,4-linked polymannans), especially the larger molecular weights, activates the immune system through its effects on macrophages, accounting for the wide variety of immune stimulating, balancing, and healing results attributed to Aloe Vera.

  • NATURMANAN® is produced using a cold process that protects the Acemannan, responsible for immune enhancement and balancing.

*Definition of Macrophages: Macrophages are chief commanding officers of our body defenses, they decide what to fix first in our body and how to best defend it.  They communicate with every organ in the body to get the job done.  Macrophages are responsible for identifying invaders like bacteria, viruses and yeast.