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The Aloe with PROOF

NATURALOE Costa Rica is the producer of NATURMANAN® Real Source of Acemannan, a product by process.

Natural Aloe Costa Rica is a privately owned company dedicated to manufacturing Premium Quality Aloe Vera products. The company was previously owned by Carrington Laboratories. Our Company is an integrated operation, which includes its own Aloe Vera plantations, a state-of-the-art processing facility

Our unique manufacturing process of Aloe Vera continues to follow patent steps and is used only by NATURALOE Costa Rica.
NATURALOE Produces a Stable Product with a Long Shelf Life and Expiration Dates of 5 Years

How long have we been growing Aloe Vera?  We have been growing and preserving Aloe Vera for over 25 years.

NATURALOE produces a stable product with long shelf life and expiration dates of 5 years with many uses:

  • Our Aloe Vera has been used by pharmaceutical manufacturers to make wound care products (Carrington Labs) that have been used in almost every hospital in the US and in 32 other countries. >
  • Additionally many clients have purchased our Aloe Vera powder to add to water or drinks and take internally based on our DSHEA claims. Some clients purchase our Aloe Vera powders to add to sports bars, foods, drinks, vitamins, and supplements.
  • Manufacturers purchase our Aloe Vera to make cosmetics.
  • Veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturers also purchase our Aloe Vera to make wound care products.
  • NATURALOE Aloe Vera product is so pure it does not have a taste and is odor free so it can be taken with water or added to any beverage, food, or drink of your design.

NATURMANAN® Products are backed by years of published clinical studies in humans showing it is safe and effective.

When weighed in the balance… on a per gram of Acemannan basis, NATURMANAN® Products are less expensive than any product on the market.

AND even more important,

You get The Aloe with PROOF