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We own our Aloe Vera farm and our NATURALOE state of the art manufacturing plant is located on our farm for timely processing of the Aloe Vera.

Most companies do not offer full vertical integration from farm to product.  Most companies buy Aloe Vera from a variety of farmers and cannot control their farming practices or even the growing location.

Location, Location, Location

The best Aloe Vera is grown on Costa Rica’s volcanic soils in equatorial sunlight yielding Aloe Vera plants with higher acemannan contents, a key component related to effectiveness of final product.

These are the exact reasons we carefully selected the volcanic soils of Costa Rica near the equator for our farm and factory location.

NATURALOE gives you full vertical integration
from plant to finished product all in one location.

We control our natural farming practices by focusing
on using natural biological control to prevent diseases.

TEAM Vertical Integration

Full vertical integration means we document and maintain full traceability and quality control records of each lot of NATURMANAN® Products through every step of preservation and manufacturing all the way back to our plantation growing records.

Full vertical integration requires communication between farm, production, and quality assurance programs and most importantly, people.

Many of our team members have been involved in this industry for over 20 years.