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History of NATURALOE Costa Rica

Over 30 years ago, Carrington Laboratories Inc. initiated research to develop a product which had characteristics and benefits similar to those of fresh gel from Aloe vera leaves. With an investment commitment to develop, and to prove this technology, a product that kept the beneficial properties of the Aloe vera was produced. This product originally known as Manapol® was manufactured at Carrington’s plant in Costa Rica. The FDA recognized pharmaceutical grade Manapol® as a “product by process”. This means the product is produced batch to batch with the exact same process. All this know-how and technology was put into practice in the 1990’s with the establishment of an Aloe vera plantation and an onsite manufacturing plant in Liberia, Costa Rica. Carrington produced the drug known as Acemannan Hydrogel, this product was used in their branded wound care products.

Additionally other bioactive raw materials from Aloe vera were developed. The widely-known and highly-regarded NATURMANAN® Aloe Vera Extract Powder has its origins in this manufacturing facility.

In 2009 a group of committed and successful agro-businessmen acquired Carrington Laboratories Inc. Costa Rican assets. Hence, the know-how developed to produce NATURMAN® extracts and other pharmaceutical grade-products from Aloe vera,

Under the ownership of Natural Aloe Costa Rica, the manufacture of pharmaceutical grade Aloe Vera Extracts continues. These are the same widely-known and highly regarded products from Aloe Vera that were successfully developed by Carrington and, based on years of applied research and human clinical trials, carries DSHEA Claims.

Our products do not require and do not contain preservatives. No enzymes or elevated temperatures are used during the process. Instead natural ethanol is used in a proprietary process that removes Anthraquinone, denatures natural enzymes in the gel, destroys any microbial contaminates and removes unwanted low molecular weight salts. Thus no charcoal filtering, diatomite earth or heat is needed or used in the process.